About Us

Serbian Association of Health Professionals – SAHP

 Serbian Association of Health Professionals – SAHP is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens, established to achieve goals in the field of promoting and improving health services, participating in the development of medical profession and science, as well as education and training of health professionals through the organization of expert meetings and publishing.

Serbian Association of Health Professionals – SAHP was founded on May, 26th 2016 in Belgrade.

The goals of the Association shall be:

  • improvement of medical science and profession,
  • organization and gathering of health professionals and associates from the territory of the Republic of Serbia for stimulating the activities in order to achieve common interests in improving professional and scientific work, health care service, health care, medical profession and medical science through organized continuing professional and medical education in all areas,
  • cooperation with the authorities, organs of territorial autonomy and local self-government, health care institutions, the organization for health insurance, Secondary and Higher Medical Schools, Faculties of Medicine (public and private) and other educational institutions, trade unions, relevant organizations and associations at home and abroad
  • cooperation with faculties, the Academy of Sciences and related scientific and professional institutions in the country and abroad
  • cooperation with Secondary and Higher Vocational Schools, Faculties of Medicine (public and private)
  • release and publication of proceedings and professional articleson theoccasion of scientific and professional meetings
  • realization and improvement of the health professionals’rights
  • introduction of the health care process and standards for nursingintervention
  • commitment to making the criteria for the appointment of health professionals in the leading positions
  • commitment to introducing accelerated pension plan for health professionals
  • commitment to developing standards for the assignment of health professionals on duties and tasks in accordance with their professional competence

To achieve its goals, the Association particularly deals with the following activities:

  • organization of lectures, seminars, courses, tests or on-line tests, symposiums, congresses, study tours for professional development,
  • organization and implementation of forms professional development approved by the Chamber
  • certificates’ issues of completedcontinuing medical education,
  • cooperation with health institutions and public institutions in the field of health care service;
  • establishing cooperation with related associations abroad, in order to exchange experiences and improve itsgoals;
  • organizing regular meetings, conferences, round tables and panel discussionsindependently and together with other related associations in order to exchange information, to develop partnerships and joint actions,
  • continuous learning and development of health professionals for the implementation of professional tasks


Membership in the Serbian Association of Health Professionals (SAHP)

Member of the Association (SAHP) may be a person who accepts the goals and the Statute of the Association and submit an application to the Management Board to join the Association.

Members of the Association may be full members, honorary members, donors and associates.

Full member is a health professional who performs health care tasks, medical associate who is included in the health professionals’ team, teachers of vocational schools in the field of health care service and pupils, professors and students of the Faculty of Medicine and related faculties and Higher School in the area of health care.

Honorary member may be every health care professional, scientific and educational worker of the Republic of Serbia and foreign citizen who contributes to the development of medicine and science, health care educationof people or otherwise contributesto the work of the Association.

Honorary and retired member cannot be elected to the bodies of the Association.

Donor member can be each citizen of the Republic of Serbia, foreign citizen or legal entity who bequeaths his/her movable property, real estate property or financial assets to the Association.

Associate member is the natural person who is not a health professional, but he/she significantly assists the work of the section or the Association’s branch office.

The Management Board decideson whom to consider honorary member, donor or associate at theproposal of the president, vice president, specialized sections or branch office.