Serbian Medical Society

Republican Ministries

  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Economy
  • The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • The Ministry of Culture and Information

Educational institutions

University of Belgrade

  • Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine

University of Novi Sad

  • Faculty of Medicine

University of Niš

  • Faculty of Medicine

University of Kragujevac

  • Faculty of Medicine

University of Novi Pazar

  • Department of Biomedical and Medical Sciences

University of Priština with current headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica

  • Faculty of Medicine

Higher Schools of Professional Studies

  • Higher Medical School of Professional Studies ‘Milutin Milanković’
  • College of Sports and Health, Belgrade
  • Medical Faculty of Military Medical Academy
  • Higher Health School of Professional Studies, Belgrade
  • Higher Health Sanitary School of Professional Studies VISAN
  • Higher Medical School of Professional Studies in Ćuprija
  • Higher Technical School of Professional Studies, Šabac
  • St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences, branch campus Martin Luther, Bratislava

Pan-European University “APEIRON”

  • College of Health Sciences

The University Business Academy 

  • Faculty of Dental Medicine

John Naisbitt University

  • Faculty of Management, Zaječar
  • Faculty of Business Economics, Valjevo

Secondary Medical Schools

  • Secondary Medical School “7th April” Novi Sad
  • Secondary Medical School “Belgrade”, Belgrade
  • Secondary Medical School, Čačak
  • Secondary Medical School, Ćuprija
  • Secondary Medical School “Dr Andra Jovanović”, Šabac
  • Secondary Medical School “Dr Miša Pantić”, Valjevo
  • Secondary Medical School Draginja Nikšić, Sremska Mitrovica
  • Secondary Medical School, Gnjilane (school campus in Šilovo), Šilovo
  • Secondary Medical School Gnjilane branch campus Pasjane
  • Secondary Medical School Gračanica, Gračanica
  • Secondary Medical School, Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Secondary Medical School Kraljevo, Kraljevo
  • Secondary Medical School, Novi Pazar
  • Secondary Medical School Kruševac, Kruševac
  • Secondary Medical School Leskovac, Leskovac
  • Secondary Medical School “Mika Mitrović”, Šabac
  • Secondary Medical School “Nadežda Petrović”, Zemun, Belgrade
  • Secondary Medical School “Nadežda Vilimanović Janković”, Čačak
  • Secondary Medical School, Niš
  • Secondary Medical School, Požarevac
  • Secondary Medical School Priština branch campus Donja Gušterica, Donja Gušterica
  • Secondary Medical School Priština branch campus Kosovo Polje
  • Secondary Medical School Priština Plemetina
  • Secondary Medical School with Pupils’ Hostel Sisters Ninković, Kragujevac
  • Secondary Medical School Senta, Senta
  • Secondary Medical School “Stevica Jovanović”, Pančevo
  • Secondary Medical School, Subotica
  • Secondary Medical School, Užice
  • Secondary Medical School, Valjevo
  • Secondary Medical School, Loznica
  • Secondary Medical School, Veliko Ropotovo
  • Secondary Medical School, Vranje
  • Secondary Medical School, Zaječar
  • Secondary Medical School, Zrenjanin
  • Secondary Medical School Zvezdara, Belgrade
  • Secondary Medical School “Dr Ružica Rip”, Sombor
  • Secondary Medical School, Subotica


  • Serbian Medical Chamber
  • Serbian Dental Chamber
  • Chamber of Nurses and Medical Technicians inSerbia
  • Serbian Chamber of Pharmacists
  • Serbian Chamber of Clinical Biochemists

Republic institutions

  • Republic Health Insurance Fund of Serbia
  • Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia
  • Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia