Meeting of the SAHP representatives with the management of the Health Centre Zemun

February 2nd, 2017

The meeting was held on February 2nd, 2017 at 2pm in the Health Centre Zemun. PhD Ivanka Adžić, the president of the Serbian Association of Health Professionals, Vera Simić, vice president, Aneta Simonoska i dipl. ing. Peter Kozin, the representative of the company “Sankom” from Slovenia had the meeting with Jasmina Ristić, the head nurse of the health centre Zemun, Lidija Mitković, nurse in charge and Aleksandar Cvetković, MD, deputy director for medical affairs.

The topic of the meeting was the application of modern methods of sterilization in healthcare institutions. Aneta Simonoska is the president of DSAM in Macedonia, an association that promotes disinfection and sterilization, who achieved excellent results in healthcare institutions in Macedonia with Peter Kozin, a representative of Sankom from Slovenia. The program of innovation in the field of sterilization (procedures, packaging methods, sterilization control, Bacheltcare, biological control of Bacillus stearotermofilus), as well as visits to the sterilization department in the health centre Zemun, were presented at the meeting. We agreed to continue our cooperation in the future, and we also announced our visit to the Central Sterilization Department at the Clinical Centre of Serbia for the next day.